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Web Design

All companies offering Web related services should be able to provide web design services. Web design is distinct and different to traditional design, so dedicated web designers are a vital element of a Web Marketing Agency.

Web design is of course about aesthetic and brand, but it also includes unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration, these include:

  •  Interactivity
Websites are great for presenting information, but they can and should go further and facilitate a greater level of interaction. The best websites engage and facilitate transactions with visitors. 
  • Search Engine accessibility
Such a large percentage of new website visitors (prospects) come via search engines that it is essential that your website is as a minimum search engine friendly. Great websites are optimised to get high rankings in search engines.
  • Browser compatibility & load speeds
These are usually considerations based on the target audience you are engaging.

Many traditional design firms are not fully aware of these necessities.

At LCUBED we consistently deliver website designs that meet these requirements while at the same time winning awards for their aesthetics.  View some of our award-winning designs

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