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LCUBED provide a range of products and services to help Australian businesses leverage the benefits of the internet for marketing and communications.

IPP Consulting

IPP is an innovative, results driven IT Consulting company who have established a solid reputation for providing IT Consulting, IT Project Management, IT Recruitment, Risk Management & Security Consulting services. Founded in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia, IPP’s reputation continues to go from strength to strength based on its independent status and continued involvement in business critical projects across Australia, Europe and Asia.

IPP Consulting Services

  • IT Project Management Consulting
  • IT Relocation Consulting
  • IT infrastructure Consulting
  • Data Centre Consulting
  • IT Risk Management Consulting

Area of business

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services offered by IPP cover a broad range of IT needs faced by businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Organisations are increasingly looking for ways to gain competitive edge, remain ahead of technology changes and ensure operational efficiencies are achieved. Increasingly this competitive edge is achieved through partnering with an IT Consulting firm. Contact IPP to find out how they may assist with your business IT requirements.

IT Project Management Consulting

IT Project Management is a field that ranges considerably in scope and is always moving, changing and challenging business as we know it. Many IT related projects fail, not at the end but at the beginning due to insufficient planning and internal IT Project Management capability. Increasingly organisations are investing in IT Project Management Consulting services to minimise risk and ensure successful project delivery. Contact IPP Consulting for further information on our IT PM team and associated services.

IT Relocation Consulting

IT relocations are often under estimated and under planned. As organisations grow, relocating premises becomes a necessity. A successful IT relocation must focus on design, planning and effective project management – focused on not only managing internal stakeholders but vendors and other external parties. Large organisations recognise the planning and expertise required, and more often than not will engage an IT Relocation Consulting firm to ensure a timely and successful relocation. IPP have provided IT Relocation services to businesses ranging in size from 100 to over 4000 employees. Further information can be obtained by contacting IPP at

 IT Infrastructure Consulting

As organisations progress and delicately manoeuvre through today’s fast moving technology landscape, IT infrastructure can tend to become complex, sometimes fragile resulting in higher operating costs, increased business risk and less agility to move with, and ahead of the market. IT infrastructure consulting can enhance, refresh and converge business IT infrastructure- identifying business critical issues and user requirements both now and future, to ensure a robust IT infrastructure able to support growth, not hinder it. Contact IPP to discuss how you can maximise your IT investment utilising our IT infrastructure consulting services.

Data Centre Consulting

Cost reductions and a desire for increased efficiencies throughout organisations have seen an increase in businesses looking to leverage their IT and human capital resources. More complex IT requirements, more staff or less staff working in different ways and increased need for IT security are all emerging trends. With this has come the need to accommodate more IT equipment, to continually review network and data centre requirements and more importantly to implement solutions that maximise the lifespan of the organisations data centre. IPP’s data centre consulting services assist both new and existing businesses to achieve best practice data centre function. Contact IPP to request additional information.

 IT Consulting by Industry

Individual industry sectors traditionally utilise IT Consulting services differently, according to their competitive landscape and business objectives. When engaging an IT Consulting firm, an organisation should ascertain whether the firm has prior experience in the relevant sector and can demonstrate knowledge of the landscape and present and future requirements. Specialised IT Consulting by industry has grown with many IT Consulting firms now specialising in just one or two sectors. To review IPP’s IT Consulting experience by different industries visit

 IT Consulting companies

Most businesses build their foundation on information technology, with many realising the cost associated with getting it wrong. IT Consulting companies offer specialised IT expertise to assist businesses of all sizes to plan and implement effective and scalable solutions. IPP is recognised as one of Australia’s leading independent IT Consulting companies. Contact IPP for further information on services offered.

 Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic IT Consulting is the practice of aligning an organisations IT function with the greater business strategies. Strategic IT works to address the now, whilst simultaneously forward planning, ensuring the solutions that are applied today can evolve to continue to support an organisation tomorrow and beyond. IPP’s strategic IT consulting services are currently utilised by all levels of an organisation- from consulting to the Executive Team to Process Improvement on the shop floor. Contact IPP for further information or discuss your IT strategy.

IT Risk Management Consulting

IT Risk Management continues to gain media attention as the World Wide Web evolves and more and more organisations “do business” online. Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to tangible and in some cases intangible threats. Identifying these risks and creating a risk management plan is often the difference between an organisation who survives a crisis and one that fails to weather the storm. IPP provide Risk Management services that also include specialised IT Risk Management Consulting. For further information, contact IPP Consulting.

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