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Web Project Management

Regardless of the project type, sound project management is essential.  Web projects are just like any other significant undertaking and they can suffer the same pit falls - issues that can be avoided by employing tried and tested Project Management methodologies.

Often Project Management is neglected in web projects because the delivery teams come from a design or creative background and are used to a creative process not a methodological process. 
There are a number of reasons why project management is particularly important to the success of web projects:

  • There are multiple aspects (and skill sets) which comprise a web project, from creative to technical, all of which need to be managed appropriately
  • The Web is a young media so planning is often not done well, as the people involved don’t always know exactly what to do
  • Again due to the age of the media, clients are not clear about what to expect – how long a project will take, how much it will cost, what resources and skills are required - with respect to internal and external teams
  • Delivery teams tend to be of varying quality and experience and therefore require close supervision
  • Because of the background of many project sponsors, the objectives of web projects are often not clearly defined.  Strong project management is required to ensure that requirements are crystal clear and managed throughout the life of the project.

At Lcubed we have highly qualified Project Managers who oversee our projects and have implemented our internal processes to ensure constant high quality outcomes in all of the projects we undertake.

If you would like to discuss your complex requirements and see how we deal with larger online projects, contact us

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