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From Websites to Online Marketing Plans, from Email Marketing to Database Building Strategies, from Search Engine Optimisation to Search Engine Marketing LCUBED can help.

Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

Here is our definition:

‘The use of the web and internet as a highly efficient and effective means of connecting, interacting and influencing prospects, customers and stakeholders’.

Online marketing provides a number of innate benefits to organisations wishing to promote a message. These include:

  • An effectively unlimited capacity to deal with enquiries
  • The ability to control content and branding
  • Uniquely interactive media (two way connection and conversion)
  • Always on - 24/7 operation
  • Very low (often directly controllable) cost per contact
  • Location independence – world wide reach
  • Ability to reach otherwise hard to contact demographics
  • Access to ‘online only’ marketing activities such as viral marketing
  • Automated customer support and servicing
  • Low cost sales channel

Components of Online Marketing:

There are several services within the internet marketing space like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, eMail Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

LCUBED helps organisations make the most of their online marketing spend thought leadership and providing high quality project outcomes every time.

You can review more detail on the types of work we do on our capabilities keyword cloud, or contact us directly with your enquiry.

Other Resources:

Please use the following links to learn more about online marketing.

Online Advertising has several benefits over other traditional advertising methods. (Click on the link above) If you are looking  to promote your business online and want to know the benefits of advertising online.

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