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In a fast moving and turbulent industry LCUBED are a professional and ethical breath of fresh air. We work hard for our clients, solve problems and deliver consistently using proven processes and methodologies.

What are Online Applications?

Online applications comprise fully hosted tools that provide great functionality without the need to install anything on your local PC.

Online applications sometimes go by other names such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Services and hosted services.

With online applications the functionality and data resides on a server which is accessed over the internet, so you only need an internet connection and a web browser to utilise them.

There are a number of other benefits that makes online applications attractive:

  • No need for local software: Removing the need for installation, maintenance or hosting of hardware and software - All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.
  • Cost for result: Online Applications provide a very high level of functionality and flexibility at the price point
  • Speed of delivery: Using Online Software is akin to having a tool box of functionality to select from, there is no need to develop tools from the ground up
  • Fully developed solutions allow you to concentrate on best practice and business objectives, not technology limitations and tricky code writing
  • Online management: All aspects of the solution are online; website building, customizing and member / events / data management
  • Fully tested: Online software is already proven and operational, therefore a very low risk approach
  • Shortened implementation cycles: Implementation involves customization not development, which takes weeks not months.
  • Low risk implementation: Changes and updates are considerably easier and less expensive.
  • Fully hosted (hosing cost included): Hosting fees for all elements (all sites and administration facilities) are included in the quote provided.
  • Third party license cost included - Use of other technologies such as Microsoft's SQL Server and IIS are included in the price.
  • Software maintenance included - The Online Software is maintained and monitored to ensure that your site is available for the maximum quantity of time.
  • Upgrades included - Online Software is commonly upgraded to reflect new user requirements. These improvements will be ‘rolled out' to your site as appropriate.
  • Ability to ‘self manage' - Online Applications can be managed directly by you, thus avoiding high maintenance fees and charges.

LCUBED utilise a portfolio of online applications, choosing the most appropriate solution for each client's particular requirements.

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