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From Websites to Online Marketing Plans, from Email Marketing to Database Building Strategies, from Search Engine Optimisation to Search Engine Marketing LCUBED can help.

Online Advertising

At Lcubed we concentrate on the use of Search Engines to generate targeted visitors to your website. We can carry out Search Engine Optimisation on your website (please visit for more information on SEO).

Paid advertising via search engines if very popular and presents a number advantages that many people are not aware of.  These include:

  1. Excellent targeting – when people are searching for keywords we have a very clear picture of what they are looking for, we can (with some pre-work) therefore target the right people at the right time
  2. Cost comparison to Traditional advertising – when executed following best practice approaches, search engine advertising can be comparatively cheaper than traditional advertising channels when trying to reach an interested and targeted audience
  3. Speed of impact – Usually online advertising campaigns can be running within days or weeks and generating measurable results immediately
  4. Controllability – Costs can be controlled down to the keyword, geographies targeted, campaign budgets can be set by the day and month,
  5. Measurable – every view and every click is recorded and we can even establish ROI for each keyword
  6. Reach very large audiences – Search volumes via search engines are very high and increasing by the month
  7. Touch hard to reach demographics – reach those younger age groups and those not watching TV or reading papers
  8. Real world feedback – Measurability and speed give us direct feedback on ideas and successes.  Perhaps more importantly they help us identify failing strategies which you could be wasting money on off line

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