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LCUBED provide a range of products and services to help Australian businesses leverage the benefits of the internet for marketing and communications.

New Media Marketing?

What is New Media Marketing?

Mobile phones, email and CDs are increasingly becoming important tools for communication – particularly within desirable (and historically hard to reach) target audiences, such as the affluent and younger Gen Xs. These groups are just not interested in traditional paper mail or cold calling. In fact many see letters as a terrible waste, and calling as an imposition.

Beyond audience reach there are many other compelling benefits to new media including: Cost (generally very low), control, speed, reliability of delivery, higher response rates and the ability to quickly and accurately analyse outcomes.
At LCUBED we help organisations meet online, web and new media requirements via new media marketing services, including:
•    Helping you crystallize your objectives and requirements
•    Provide knowledge and experience for you to draw on
•    Sourcing, providing and implementing ‘best fit’ technology platforms
•    Project managing web marketing and new media projects
•    Providing expertise and consulting on appropriate media and content for new media communications
•    Executing new media campaigns
•    Analysing outcomes and suggesting refinements

The online platforms we utilise are established, tested and ready to go; this reduces risk and enables us to carry out projects quickly and flexibly.

Our established and proven relationships with suppliers of platforms and infrastructure allow you to focus on the objectives and desired outcomes and not get stuck in the details of ‘how’ or bang heads with the ‘yes but’ crowd.
It’s all about getting the right result!

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