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From Websites to Online Marketing Plans, from Email Marketing to Database Building Strategies, from Search Engine Optimisation to Search Engine Marketing LCUBED can help.

Affordable high quality SEO with proven Experts

What is the SEO Pack?

Affordable rate to minimise risk 

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Pack is a service which allows people and organisations to test SEO following a well established path, at an affordable rate to minimise risk.

Fixed cost and fixed deliverables

The SEO Pack is offered as a fixed cost/fixed deliverables service, although the individual activities are different for each site and organisation. The process and fees are spread over nine months and we guarantee to positively impact search results over this time.

Two main stages

In brief, the SEO Pack program has two main stages:

  • Stage One: Evaluation, action plan and quick wins – First three months
  • Stage Two: Actions, monitoring, modifications and iterations – Following six months

Why does the SEO Pack work?

International best practice

The SEO Pack follows well trodden path of international best practice. Whilst search engine results and the algorithms that underpin them change on a daily basis, there are a number of core principles that we can follow which have recurrently achieved results and can be reliably repeated for virtually any website.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

For your organisation the SEO Pack means lower commitment (i.e. lower risk) and therefore improved prospects of return on investment (ROI).

Best of breed tools and processes

We use tool sets and processes that put us at an advantage over the competition and allow us to empirically assess project progress and rankings.

We Get Results

We have a proven track record of improving search engine rankings. We currently manage websites that are ranking 1-5 for 10 to 20 keywords.

Here is a table of come of the results for one of our current sites:


Google Rank

member management


Online Member Communications


member manager


membership management software


membership software Australia


online membership administration


membership database software


Membership Management


membership database australia


More about The SEO Pack

To find out more about our SEO Pack, and how we can help you reach more customers online please call us on 1300 528 233, email us via or  'Ask Us' via the form to the right on this page. 

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