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Dr Bryan C Mendelson

Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of Australia’s best known plastic surgeons, with an international reputation that stretches across Europe, Asia and the USA. He is a sought after keynote speaker, has published over 100 scientific articles and receives requests to demonstrate his techniques, using live surgery, to plastic surgeons around the world.

Plastic Surgeon Melbourne 

Dr Bryan Mendelson’s international reputation has developed through his research of facial anatomy and advanced techniques into facial rejuvenation, his name is frequently included among those of the world’s best plastic surgeons. He practises mostly as a facelift and cosmetic surgeon, operating from his practice in Melbourne Australia. Dr Mendelson operates from his day surgery facilities in the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia. 

Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne

Having a cosmetic procedure is a psychological journey, as well as a surgical one. Bryan Mendelson is known for his kind and caring personality. He takes the time to know all his patients personally, and to fully understand their reasons for having surgery and their desired outcome. He becomes a trusted companion on the journey into and through facial surgery. Dr Mendelson operates from his day surgery facilities in the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia.

Permanent Cheek Fillers

Soft tissue fillers, and recently permanent cheek fillers, are a popular approach to conceal early signs of aging on the face. Traditionally soft tissue fillers are used, but are only temporary, requiring repeat treatment every 6 to 12 months. A permanent treatment is the augmentation of cheek bone, with a material based on coral (hydroxyapatite). Dr Mendelson has over ten years of experience with the use of hydroxyapatite coral and has used it in over 400 cases.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)

Bright eyes restore life and freshness to the face. The quality of improvement possible in the upper eyes is quite remarkable today, compared to traditional surgery. The Blepharoplasty ‘bright eye surgery’ is based on a long established technique, first used in the eighties, but it has taken recent refinements to achieve the ‘miracle’ results that are now possible. Dr Mendelson has been performing this Blepharoplasty Tarsal Fixation technique since 1989 and is currently involved in teaching the technique to other Plastic Surgeons.

Lower Face, Jawline and Neck

The lower face is where the dreaded jowls occur, those pouches of loose skin that overhang the jawline and are a giveaway sign of aging. The good news is that the lower face, jawline and neck can be now be treated with a straightforward, low risk procedure, with minimal, if any bruising and a quick recovery. This premasseter (lower facelift) is a relatively new procedure, so not many surgeons yet perform it. However Dr Mendelson has performed several hundred premasseter (lower face, jawline and neck) facelifts, having conducted the original anatomical research that is the basis of the procedure.

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